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Guarantee &
Business Philosophy

The basis for our policy: we represent and answer to God.

Your faith is your business, but I feel it's important to tell you about ours: we are trying to do business and live our lives before the face of God (as described in the books of the Old and New Testament). We're serious about this, and are trying to do business in a way that reflects well on Christians instead of giving us a bad name. More (and rollicking discussions of Biblical application to today's society) on request.

Risk reversal guarantee: you don't pay if you don't think we did a decent job.

The idea here is for us to take the risks rather than ask you to take them (so you're more likely to see what we can do for you).

  • Instead of demanding cash regardless of outcome, for restoration work we will scan your photos at no charge and get them back to you right away.
  • We'll do initial restoration work (to see what is needed);
  • We will then provide you with our best guess estimate, expressed in a range (e.g., "$20-40");
  • If we see that we're likely to go over that estimate, we'll contact you for approval;
  • We reserve the right to keep working to finish the job if we want to, without extra cost to you beyond the estimate, if we can't contact you for approval or if you choose not to go any higher.
  • We will do your restoration work or complile your CD/DVDs and deliver them for approval;
  • If the product meets your criteria, you then pay us (cash, check, VISA, or Paypal);
  • If the work doesn't meet your criteria, you tell us what it lacks and we try to satisfy you;
  • If we're not able to produce a product which meets with your approval, we part as friends (hopefully) and we eat the labor.
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